You reach for sugar post-workout

You’ve just finished a Spin class and you feel famished – because exercise burns calories – but before you reach for a chocolate bar, experts suggest tuning into your body’s appetite cues. A 2013 study concluded that exercise doesn’t actually produce an immediate spike in appetite. Quite the contrary, as another study showed, the brain has a reduced response to food straight after working out.

The bottom line on sports drinks and snack bars is not to have them. Unless you’re an ultra athlete, you don’t need to replenish your glycogen stores,’ Tamir firmly confirms. If you introduce sugar into your body, you release insulin, which blocks channels for fat to be metabolised.’ Sugar also contributes to the breakdown of collagen and elastin which help the skin stay firm and toned.

FIX IT: If you still can’t stay away from the snacks after Spinning, aim to eat smart. A protein and vitamin-rich shake or meal post workout will help the body heal itself and function optimally – liquids reach muscles after ingestion more quickly than solid foods, which is why experts recommend a shake after a workout. Stay away from sugar and you’ll see less sagging in years to come, too.

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