Millions of women aren’t taking enough exercise for fear of being judged, according to a recent report by the House of Commons Health Select Committee. Starting your fitness journey can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve had clients who are reluctant to train because they’re worried about what people think; but it’s never the case -nobody’s judging, quite the contrary!’ says Horesh. He explains that it’s all about steady progress and he often tells new starters to remember the phrase slowly, slowly,’ because results don’t happen overnight. According to Horesh, it’s not about being athletic or sporty’ but about

hard work, being consistent, plus keeping a positive, determined disposition. I’ve had some clients with limited abilities who got better results than those who are more genetically gifted, just because their attitude was all about hard work,’ he says.

Everyone was in your shoes at some point,’ says Elaine Denton, group health and fitness support manager at David Lloyd Leisure Ltd. They understand how you feel.’ She recommends booking a tour of a gym before you sign up to get a feel for it and so you see that it’s full of people of all fitness levels, ages, sizes and with different goals. The more you go to the gym when you start, the better you become and the more your self-esteem grows,’ says Denton. She also recommends starting with a plan that includes 30 minutes, twice a week, and building it up from there, and making changes to your lifestyle (nutrition and sleep) alongside fitness.

Another hint for a gym newbie is to buy new gym gear that performs and makes you feel comfortable. You’ll feel more confident and like an exerciser. This helps build self-efficacy and shapes long-term behaviour,’ says Denton.


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