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The term “Mom-preneurs” is the latest weapon being wielded in the “Mommy Wars.” Ambitious women who envision building the next Facebook or Google often distance themselves from “cupcake” entrepreneurs for fear they will be considered too narrowly focused and lose out on significant investor funding. Unlike the small business owners who often become entrepreneurs because the workplace could not or would not accommodate their desires to integrate work and family, these female entrepreneurs have bold visions for their endeavors and would never want to have the word “mom” put in front of their title.

In her essay entitled “I Hate ‘Mompreneurs,’ But I Support Women in Business,”39 business writer Lindsay Cross wrote, the “mompreneur” title lets your customers and competitors know that your business is a side-job, instead of something you take seriously. Even worse, the name “mompreneur” is being used outside these part-time sales-party opportunities. It is being applied to every business that happens to be owned by a woman with children. And then we wonder why female start-ups aren’t always taken seriously! We’re allowing them to be lumped in with women who sell candles to their friends and family. Is it really so amazing that investors don’t want to risk giving capital to “mompreneurs”?

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In response, Forbes staff writer Meghan Casserly wrote an essay entitled “’Mompreneur’: Own It, Ignore It or Prove It Wrong.”40 In it she said,

In terms of the girl-on-girl hate of businesswomen (with children) who feel they have a “real” business towards businesswomen (with children) who feel they are “mompreneurs” and no doubt consider their businesses just as “real,” I’ve had enough …

Here’s the thing. I support every woman who wants to start a business, whether she wants to create a cloth diaper company while on maternity leave to supplement her household income or she aims to build the next great social network. As far as I’m concerned, … they’re [both] business women who happen to have children …

When it comes to the term “mompreneur,” you’ve got three choices: Own It, Ignore It or Prove It Wrong.

Jessica Herrin, who co-founded and is now founder and CEO of social sales jewelry brand Stella & Dot, is all about owning it. Her business savvy has been written about in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times, and she has been named by Ernst & Young and Inc. 500 as a “Top Entrepreneur.” And, she is not afraid to be called a mom-preneur. She says, “When I became a mom, I decided I wanted to be a ‘mom working,’ not a ‘working mom.’ The mom part comes first.”41

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