Women and Migraines

Women are 3 times more susceptible than men to have migraines. Women’s migraines usually seem restrained to events that are hormone linked, like gravidity, menstrual cycles, and midlife crisis.

The fundamental step in controlling your migraines is to recognize your triggers in order that you can prevent them in the future. You might find it useful to keep a migraine journal to track details of your symptoms.

– Shortly after an attack, question yourself:

– How intense was your migraine? 1 = easy 2 = average 3 = severe

– Was it followed by an aura?

– Have you felt any other manifestations? 1 = vomiting 2 = photophobia 3 = sonophobia

– What pills did you take?

~ Did they diminish your pain?

~ Did they help you to return to day-to-day activities?

– What migraine triggers you suspect?

Women and Migraines Photo Gallery

After every attack, note your answers in your migraine journal. Correlate answers to see if a pattern appears and identify your causes. If you cannot remember all of the specifics indicating to your attack, ask family or friends for their remembrance and add these to your migraine journal. Reporting as multiple details as possible will help you find your triggers rapidly. A headache diary is important because once you comprehend your specific migraine pattern; there are results that you and your doctor can work with to control your migraines more efficiently.

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