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How people use their minds

If it actually was possible to actively use one’s mind to analyze problems and come up with solutions while in the alpha state, it seemed logical to Workout and Fitness that this state would be the ideal one in which to think. Why would the alpha level be ideal?

• It would allow one to think more clearly because of its extra energy.

• It would enable one to maintain concentration better.

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• Alpha is in the absolute center of the brain’s normal operating range, so it would allow access to more information more easily.

But there was a catch. Research revealed that most people do their thinking at the beta frequency! Jose’s research led him to discover that only 10 percent of the population are natural alpha thinkers. It turned out that he himself was one of them

Most people are using the weakest, least stable frequency to do their thinking: the beta level. Most people, when their brain frequency slows to alpha, enter the subconscious state, then fall asleep. But the superstars stay awake at the alpha level, and do their thinking at alpha.

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