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Winona Ryder Leaked Photos on At his workshop in Duisburg, Mercator remained busy fulfilling requests for maps, globes, and scientific instruments from both royal and private patrons. In 1554, he published a map of Europe in fifteen separate sheets using information from existing maps and field reports. Searching for more accurate geographical representations, Mercator demonstrated a willingness to abandon older theories established by ancient scholars such as Ptolemy. For example Mercator recognized that the Canary Islands were much further west of the Straits of Gibraltar than was accepted at the time.Newmeasurements were incorporated into his European maps, such as a reduction in the length of the Mediterranean Sea by 10 degrees of longitude. In 1564, he printed a map of England, Scotland, and Ireland on eight panels that was considered to be extremely accurate. Although not revealed on Mercator’s maps, fieldwork for this map is believed to have been carried out by John Elder, a Scotsman who traveled throughout England and Europe. Winona Ryder Leaked Photos 2016.

Winona Ryder Leaked Photos
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