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Many psychologists believe that in the long run lucrative contracts are not significant motivators for today’s athletes. With salaries skyrocketing, it may be that modern athletes do not have the motivational edge of their predecessors. Players can become millionaires right out of college (or even high school) in many professional sports. Y et, ironically, the motivating factor for many of them is not the cash itself but the belief that other players are making more money than they are or so believes Glen Sather, general manager of the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers. Off the ice, Wayne Gretzky has an aw-shucks, down-to-earth demeanor, but he’s sometimes driven if he feels dissed over contract negotiations. Says Sather, One time, Wayne read an article in Sporting News that he was the bottom paid of the NHL’s elite guys, and it really pissed him off. You should have seen him play.

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Sather, who coached the Oilers to four Stanley Cup championships in the 1980s, knows the power of greenbacks. In one crucial game, the Oilers were in danger of losing the playoffs, so in the dressing room between the second and third periods, Sather trudged into the room lugging an equipment bag. To the surprise of his players, Sather untied the bag and dumped the contents onto the floor $ 100,000 cash. That’s the bonus money you’ll lose if you lose this game, he told them. vibration exercise machine before and after The Oilers skated out and pummeled the opposition. It got their eyes rolling . That money meant a lot in those days (the 80s), Sather recalls. But today [the escalating salaries] has nothing to do with money. It’s a matter of pride. They read that somebody is making more money than they are, and they get caught up in it. It’s getting worse. They all want to be the guy with the biggest stick on the block. It’s about power and control, and guys use it for motivation. They’ll show them who deserves the most.

Tricks to Boost Arousal

While each athlete is different (at least in small ways) in his or her methods of trying to attain peak arousal, many share common beliefs about what works for them and what doesn’t. vibration machine benefits Some try artificial means, such as caffeine or other stimulants or music to boost their arousal state.

The Caffeine High

Some athletes use stimulants to get up. This is not a diet blog, but one stimulant we’ll mention because it is used quite often is coffee or caffeine products. Caffeine is on the list of the International Olympic Committee’s banned substances because it’s a powerful central nervous system stimulant and can be harmful if taken in large doses. In 1988, Steve Haig, a former Olympic gold medalist, tested positive for caffeine (pills) in the U.S. Olympic trials and was disqualified. But in many sports and leagues, caffeine is legal. vibration machine side effects Deion Sanders sometimes drinks coffee on the sidelines of football games. Former linebacker Brian Bosworth claimed he took the pill equivalent of 40 cups of coffee before a game. Caffeine has also boosted below-average professional athletes, like Acie Earl, who once scored 40 points after drinking several cups of coffee and several caffeine-laced carbonated soft drinks before the game. (A revenge factor may also have contributed to Earl getting up for the contest, which was against the Boston Celtics, who had released him the previous season.)

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