Who is Megan Young

Right now, it’s not too hard for Megan to build her nest egg. Miss World opened international doors and gave her global exposure, but it’s at home, with projects left and right, where she shines the most. She has Staistruck, Maximal, and she’s also set to host Miss World 2016. I got so used to the speeches and functions as a beauty queen, but now it’s back to the heavy grind acting, staying up long nights, working early mornings.

Why go far away and start all over again when I have such great opportunities here? she shares. I like the fact that I can work with people I’ve already connected with, people I’ve already developed a working relationship with.

If fashion reflects identity, then Megan, in her timeless shirts and classic dresses, is totally wearing her life.

I know these professional relationships I’ve established can last me a lifetime.

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