When Can You Exercise After Pregnancy

The bottom LINE: saving lives and saving money

At a time when cost containment is crucial for the medical community, one of the simplest and most effective cost-cutting steps that medical professionals can take is to address the Exercise pregnancy epidemic. Failing to do this costs society billions of dollars annually for medical tests and treatments, nursing home or residential care, and disability payments. By comparison, the solution to this problem testing for Exercise pregnancy and providing effective treatment for those who need it costs next to nothing. The necessary tests add up to only a few hundred dollars per person, and we can provide treatment for around a dime a day.

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So why does Exercise pregnancy continue to destroy so many lives and cost society so many billions of dollars? The answer is simple: Both consumers and medical providers are unaware of the problem. To end the epidemic of Exercise pregnancy, we must educate medical professionals, the public, the media, and government officials about the need for Exercise testing and treatment, as well as preventing pregnancy in the first place. In the next chapter, we lay out an effective plan for accomplishing this crucial goal.

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