What Your Lipstick ?

• If your lipstick looks like a flatty, you’re even-keeled, honest, and a good friend, but there’s more to you than meets the eye. Does your characteristic shape resemble a reclining chair? Then you’re a go-get-ter who’s sociable and accommodating, with a mysterious edge. A goal-oriented bride who loves order in her life will probably form what looks like a house with her color. The bullet shape (most associated with brides, especially in times of stress) means you’re intelligent, strong-willed, and will get the job done.

I’m an African-American bride with blotchy skin. How can I correct this?

Exfoliation can often solve the problem. “Dead-skin buildup can create dark areas,” says Alison Raffaele, founder of Skin Alison Raffaele. “It happens to women of lighter complexions as well it’s just more noticeable in women of color.” Try a grainy scrub or consult a dermatologist about getting a glycolic-acid peel. Sometimes a concealer will do the trick: Skin Alison Raffaele makes a lightweight, high-coverage version in shades 5, 6, and 7, perfect for darker skin tones. Or try realcosmetics.com, which offers great foundations for African-American women.

My feet don’t always smell like roses. How do I avoid grossing out my groom after having spent a full night on the dance floor?

Feet are often the neglected stepchildren in wedding-day preparations, but attention must be paid: After all, chances are you’ll be tottering on those tootsies for hours. You can prep your feet with a plunge into Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Fizzing Foot Bath, a sole-renewing soak that deep-cleans and deodorizes. Then spritz on Dr. Scholl’s Odor Destroyers Deodorant Spray, with a baking soda formula that prevents perspiration. Wear the sheerest hose; patterned and textured stockings trap moisture, souring your scent.

I want to get married in a spaghetti-strap gown, but I’m worried that the scar on my shoulder will ruin my look. Should I give in and wear sleeves?

If the imperfection is light, the only cover-up you’ll need is a simple concealer. “Creamy products are the best at camouflaging,” says Jean Ford Danielson, cofounder of BeneFit Cosmetics. “Many scars are slightly concave, creating a shadow that exaggerates the discoloration. You can actually fill in the indentation with concealer.” The ultimate scar tactic: BeneFit’s It Stick. It’s soft enough to glide over delicate skin but heavy enough to mask most unwanted marks. Another covert option: Wear a sheer-sleeved gown for barely there beauty.

I’ve always colored my own hair, but since getting engaged I’ve been really busy. What can I do to spend less time on this drudgery?

If you’d rather have quality time with your caterer, not to mention your fiance, save your shade from the fades by using a conditioner for chemically treated hair, and go easy on the blow-drying. “Excessive heat will change the color of hair,” says Louis Licari, a celebrity colorist and Revlon’s hue guru. You can get on the fast track with Revlon’s High Dimension—a 10-minute process that’ll leave you with radiant, permanently colored hair.

Where do I stash my makeup during the wedding? Nothing but my comb and lipstick will fit into my purse.

Step one: Only tote touch-up tools. Step two: Consider ordering your dress with pockets; A-line and ball-gown styles work best. (That hidden storage will cost you about 10 percent of the price of the dress.) Step three: Check out Rocket City cosmetics, a lilliputian line that ranges from little lipsticks and miniature mascaras to petite pressed-powder and teensy-weensy eye shadow’ trios. With most of its products at two inches tall, this cosmetic collection is truly a small wonder.

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