What two colours make up yellow

Everybody knows Nomzamo Mbatha has a bangin’ bod! But it hasn’t always been on point. At varsity she had a bad case of first-year spread. The food in my res was terrible. So to change the taste I’d add mayo and tomato sauce, recalls Nomzamo. Lunches weren’t any better I’d have fried chips and a pie and alternate this with peanut butter and jam sandwiches. My friends and I were regulars at pizza and burger joints. It was an all-round mess, she says.

A tag on social media did what a look in the mirror couldn’t. Nomzamo saw that her clothes weren’t fitting as well as they used to. A change was needed. First, she zeroed in on her diet. I cut down on red meat, dairy, carbs and sugar. I quit takeaways, she says. To speed up the loss, she’d walk to and from gym. We’re talking 20km! I loved discovering new muscles! Every session there was a different stiffness, but I knew with every visit I was a step closer to where I wanted to be, she says. Now Nomzamo’s adding Pilates to her repertoire to help tone her body.

I always encourage women who have a problem with their mid-area to give Pilates a try. Plus, it’s great to release your mind for an hour and just let go. Having a goal has helped Nomzamo tone in ways she’s never seen before. I’ve been able to make it to the gym even on lazy days because I have my dream body in mind – I’m starting to see results from just changing my mindset.

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