What to eat for healthy hair

Not long ago 1 ate only baked potatoes at the Scandia Kestaurant, determined to immediately lose the pound I’d gaincd the day hefore. Lucky f di d, Because a longlost love appeared in town and took me to Jimmy’s the next night.

SIM Y 10234 pounds. I am still up threequarters of a pound from the Chinese food for What to eat for healthy hair, and I have no idea of what the Donahoe’ are having for dinner. 1 don’t want to lock myself into a choice ahcad of time. Plus, 1 want to lose that threecjuarters of a pound. I take my pineapple with me and give it to the maitrc d’ at Mr. Chow’s, where I’m having lunch with a business associate.

WilI Mr, Chow’s get upset? I’m a good customer, and they know 11 be back and spend money. The maitrc d’ gladly accepts it and charges the minimum. It’s one of my favorite restaurants. Oh well, 1 know I can go back tomor fOW,
At dinner that night, I choose Open Carb because the entree is oversauced, oversalted chicken brcasts. How bor ing, Dessert is a nondeseript mousse. No sacrifice there.

However, there is a lovely salad, delicious bread with unsalted butter, and a wide array of cruditls Much to my delight, Ceil serves artichokes vinaigrette as an appetier. My choice is easy 102 pounds. My weight is where it should be! Lunch at The Palm IS so wonderful 1 stick with my decisioii to go Open Human and indulgc, To get myself ready for the basically higli protein meal, I have papaya in the moru ing for yours What to eat for healthy hair.

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