What Kind Of Exercise Should I Do While Pregnant

Counting up activates you. But it is still a good idea to give yourself “orders” to become activated at the count of 5. Do this before you begin to count, do it again along the way and do it once again as you open your eyes at the count of 5.

8 steps that are really only 3 Once you wake up tomorrow morning and complete this exercise, you will realize it all works down to j ust three steps:

1. Count backwards from 100 to 1.

2. Mentally picture yourself successful and affirm your continuing success.

3. Count yourself out of alpha by counting from 1 to 5, affirming good health and alertness.

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40 days that can change your life… for the better

You know what to do tomorrow morning, but what about after that? Well, here is your 40-day training program:

• For the first 10 mornings, follow the eight steps, counting backward from 100 to 1.

• For the next 10 mornings, follow the steps, counting backward from 50 to 1.

• For the next 10 mornings, count backward from 25 to 1.

• For the last 10 mornings, count backward from 10 to 1.

After these 40 mornings of countdown relaxation practice, count backward from only 5 to 1 and begin to use your alpha level.

People have a tendency to be impatient, to want to move faster. Please resist this temptation and follow the instructions as written. You must develop and acquire the ability to function consciously at alpha before Workout and Fitness mental workout and fitness techniques will work properly for you. You must master the fundamentals first. We’ve been researching this field since 1944, longer than anyone else, and the workout and fitness techniques we have developed have helped millions of people worldwide enjoy greater success and happiness, so please follow these simple instructions.

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