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Besides being the most efficient operating level in terms of low impedance and high power output, the alpha level has another very important advantage: At the alpha level, you can use both brain hemispheres to think instead of just one.

At beta, you think with the left half of your brain – your left brain hemisphere. It is highly specialized for certain tasks: talking, reasoning, using logic, examining details.

At alpha, you can think with either your left brain hemisphere or your right brain hemisphere.

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The right brain hemisphere is more creative and intuitive. It deals with form and shape, with movement and rhythm Instead of operating in a sequential fashion – one step follows another – it operates in a spatial mode, a random access fashion.

You could say that the left hemisphere counts the trees, while the right hemisphere admires the forest.

Your left brain hemisphere is great for tallying up your golf score, for computing batting averages and for figuring out whether you try for a two-point conversion after a touchdown.

Your right brain hemisphere coordinates the body for a perfect swing to get a great drive, to hit a home run or to make the perfect cutback to score the two-point conversion.

Will you double your ability when you learn to think with both brain hemispheres? You will do much more than that.

To illustrate, imagine that you are playing a sport, and your teammates and your opponents all have one of their legs in a cast, while you have full use of both legs. Even if it’s a sport you do not play very well, you will still look like a superstar compared to the people who can only use one leg.

Learning to use both brain hemispheres has the same outcome: You will get into shape faster and perform better in everything that you do.

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