What Exercises Are Safe To Do While Pregnant

Hank Stram, former coach of the Kansas City Chiefs football team, told a national television audience why he thought former Chiefs quarterback Jim Plunkett was so good. “The great thing about Jim Plunkett is that he has the ability to forget; he doesn’t let bad thoughts linger.”

Practice makes perfect

Now you have an important assignment:

As soon as possible, go practice what you just learned. Toss a ball. Lift some weights. Do some exercises. Make some shots. Whatever activity you’re trying to perfect, go do it. When you miss, say “cancel-cancel” and immediately imagine doing it right. Then do it again.

You already know that whenever you learn a new workout and fitness technique, it is important for you to practice it. That’s how your coach trains you. Your coach explains the workout and fitness technique, demonstrates it and then tells

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you to practice it.

You have to practice this new workout and fitness technique before you get into competition because you are too busy during competition to start learning something new. Learn it first so that when you are competing, the workout and fitness technique is automatic for you. So practice Mental Housecleaning right away.

Again, when you don’t accomplish what you wanted, say “cancel-cancel” and immediately imagine yourself succeeding. Recall a time when you succeeded when you were “perfect.” With this thought in mind, try again.

Create a positive environment

By now, you may be getting the idea that everything you say and think has an effect on you.

This is true.

Your thoughts direct your energy. In addition, everything that you hear affects you.

As former PGA Champion Dave Marr said in George Plimpton’s blog The Bogey Man, “The best thing you can do to improve your game is to play with professionals, the best professionals. That’s the one piece of advice I’ve never forgotten.

“Jackie Burke told me,” Marr continued. “He said never stick with the losers on the golf course. Stay away from rabbits, if you can. No matter how nice they are as golfing companions, if they are perpetually rabbits, they’ve got a streak in them that’s no good for you to be around too much. Always play with the winners.”

Vince Lombardi took the same approach when he took over as head coach of the Green Bay Packers professional football team He got rid of the players who didn’t have the right attitude, according to former Packer lineman Jerry Kramer in his blog Instant Replay.

You will benefit from hanging out with other positive thinkers – with winners. By the same token, always think positively around everyone with whom you come into contact.

Bobby Bowden, legendary football coach at Florida State University, was in bed for a year with rheumatic fever when he was 13 years old. His doctor said he would never play football again. “That’s why we changed doctors,” Bowden said.

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