What are Moleskin Notebooks?

Moleskin notebooks were first designed in Italy. They are well crafted, smooth cover and perfectly bound notebooks. They are expensive and are not at all like any spiral bound notebook that we get any shop. They are in fact made with a paper cardboard which has coated paper and it has an elastic band which bounds the notebook properly. It opens straight flat because of this and has rounded corners which gives it an elegant look. They have a ribbon bookmark which further makes it look appealing. This is specialty of these notebooks which makes it different from normal notebooks which are far less in price.

Why people prefer Moleskine notebooks:

In spite of being fairly expensive as compared to normal notebooks, there is great demand for these Moleskin notebooks. They are hand crafted and have covers which are unique and elegant. The cover can be of leather too which is becoming very popular these days. Let us see some of the unique features of these types of notebooks which make it popular around the world. These are as follows:

1. The Moleskine notebooks are designed in such a way that they are highly durable. They last for a lifetime and are very sturdy. Generally in normal spiral bounded there is probability of damage like moisture can enter or even it can tear? Many a time wear and tear occurs in such a way that is irreparable. But that is not the case with these types of notebooks. They are having lots of strength and do not tear easily. This makes them number one choice for people who prefer durability and looks over other things.

2. The unique feature of these notebooks is that they can be stacked easily. They are bound like books having hard outer covers. This makes them easier to keep them on the stand. They can be used as reference books too. The outer cover is like card board which is hard and tough.

3. Since they cannot be afford by everyone, they are considered notebooks for a certain class of people only. Thus later they are taken care properly. One would keep them in the bag or at a safe place so that they are not damaged. So always extra care is taken which makes them very special.

4. The quality of these notebooks is very high. It cannot be even compared with any cheap spiral notebook. The papers are white and soft. They have a sheen that makes one feel good. The ink used does not spread so a person feels like writing properly on them. The outer cover is also attractive and has a gloss and shine. All these factors make it very appealing to a person and the costs also increases because of these things.

5. They are very stylish and have a great look. The price one pay is actually for the looks and features. So in a way they are great to invest. Once bought they lasts forever and one can write their beautiful memories in them. They can be sure that these written things will be there for many years and can be enjoyed later in the life too. They are preserved properly for number of years without worrying about their damage.

Thus, the things great about Moleskin notebooks are that they are stylish, have good looks are extremely durable and can be used for a lifetime. They help a lot today to promote one’s products and business. They are very useful in several ways. And, in case you want to promote your products stylishly in a different way, you can opt for Leather Moleskine Covers.

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