Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40

Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40

The result is a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 27

Compared to most weight-loss programs, this expected results likely sounds extremely lousy. The sooner you understand what is real, the sooner you can lose weight and healing will occur. What I am not providing you is this bag of terms such as can result in, may result in, up to, not typical or just worthless words. In fact, I offer nothing but ask you to reduce processed sugar, reduce fruit juices and soda, reduce excess fruit intake while dieting, reduce non-table salt sodium as much as possible, and move your muscles some. Find something fun, even if just pushing weights while watching television. Most importantly, exercise some portion control. It is for your own self!

I hope that I can convey my path to success and my strategy into something that works for you. It was not easy and the weight loss did not just happen as expected. It was mentally tough!

Obesity and metabolic syndrome have made many sorrowing changes in my life. They destroyed my first marriage due to my lack of understanding of what was most valuable in life and feeling powerless against obesity. Some people dear in my heart are no longer alive due to metabolic syndrome. Many have died between the ages of 40 to 65 years old from the precursor metabolic syndrome that led to the many serious health issues and their youthful ending. I cannot think of one friend or family that I have lost to smoking tobacco at this young of an age. Metabolic syndrome and sugar abuse is a serious matter, as I have many friends, family and associates suffering with metabolic syndrome. Some that are not obese and barely over-weight. I know I cannot change the past but I may be able to influence my future and maybe even help influence a few others towards a healthier life with a better outcome.

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I am a person whom does not enjoy repetitious exercise. The jobs that I held until I was 40 years old kept me active. I was actively working out in martial arts until I reached 35. In the year, 2001, I was assigned to what was mostly a sitting job and my weight quickly increased. My eating habits were extremely bad and I was feeling signs of bad things to come. I was drinking as much as 64 ounces of the worst soda available or as much as 48 ounces of coffee with sugar per day. I was eating pastries, candy bars, candy, muffins, and everything made of 100 percent flour and sugar. I also indulged in extreme amounts of ice cream. I was doing easily 400 to 500 grams of sugar a day. Let me put that in English for you; I was consuming equal to two cups of cane sugar per day, which equals one pound of sugar per day. I was heading for type 2-diabetes!

When I finally got on the scale at around 216.5 pounds, I was quite depressed and this started my understanding of what my friends and family were dealing with that are suffering from excess weight. This time I decided to research to find the answer for losing weight but all I found were lies and fabrications. I had found earlier that the extreme starving and excess exercise method fails and leads to a body that looks worse and will eventually fail due to improper diet portions, mostly lack of protein to maintain body mass and assist in repair. I set out on a journey to find what process will work with the least effort to result in a successful weight loss program. In business, I was at the apex of my plan to create a new system of finding valuable websites. At this point I concluded that Google’s purpose was not to make things easy to find but to direct you to find what they wanted you to find and hide everything that they did not want you to find This including my concept. My concept died at that moment. In the background over the previous year, I was researching many things relating to politics, racism, economics, health, neo-science, and religion. I set my focus on finding the answers to the craziness and released a blog titled “Puzzling Words 2012”. I pulled it off the shelves as I learned how deep the deception goes. I decided to focus full time on creating a diet plan to help those I love and others. My plan was to create a diet program that pulled as much truth as possible from the lies and fabrications.

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