Weight Loss Tips For Men Over 50

You will also learn how a wide receiver with the Los Angeles Rams professional football team mentally “programmed” himself to play a great game and later used the exact same workout and fitness technique in his career as a sportscaster.

You will read about how the young members of a hockey team surprised the experts by making it all the way to the finals in a tournament even though they were short of players.

You will read the story of a bowler from the Philippines who credits the Exercise workout and fitness techniques with giving him the edge he needed to win the World Cup in his sport.

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You’ll read about one change that basketball coach Hector Chacon made in his halftime talk that changed his team from losers to winners.

And you’ll hear the story of a junior high school field hockey team that combined visualization at the alpha level with physical practice. Everybody expected them to improve, but nobody expected the tremendous gains that they made by using the Exercise Method workout and fitness techniques.

“The workout and fitness techniques in the Exercise Method were the single most important factor in changing me from a ‘choker’ to a winner,” said tennis professional Jim McWalters from the United States Professional Tennis Registry (USPTR), a national association for tennis instructors. “I emphasize these workout and fitness techniques to all my students, as I feel they are crucial to success in competition.”

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