You’re too shy to pick up weights Still shirking the free weights? Skipping resistance training means you’ll be missing out on a trimmer waist, a speedier metabolism and more toned skin. The latest study from Harvard School of Public Health also showed that 20 minutes of daily weight training led to lower age-related weight gain around the waist. The key to toning your skin is to increase lean muscle mass,’ explains cslebrity trainer Dalton Wong (@ dalton_wong). Lean muscle mass its just under the surface, and can create lifted, taught-looking skin.’ FIX IT: To get a lean physique, there’s only so much that cardio can do,’ agrees Bex Hall, CrossFit oach and member of Team Reebok UK (crossfit.com). Plus, the more lean mass you have, the faster you burn calories, even when resting. The best way to do this is by weight training. Do at least three sessions a week consistently, and keep progressing reps and/or weight each week.’ You’re getting runner s face Heard the rumours that running can cause your face to sag? Think again before you hang up your trainers.

While running leads to fat burn, there comes a point when you burn too much fat – 90 per cent of which is stored under the skin – which results in loss of volume and skin sagging,’ explains Tamir. The other contributory factor to accelerated skin ageing is cell damage through over-exhaustion (and, of course, UV damage from sun exposure). Several studies have proved the detrimental effects on skin only kick in after running at 80 per cent of your maximum heart rate. In short, exercise which does not totally exhaust you is, overall, better for you from an anti-ageing point of view.’ FIX IT: You don’t have to resign yourself to a slow plod to keep signs of ageing at bay. Gradually increase the intensity of exercise within your own limits, because continuously pushing yourself beyond those limits may stimulate free-radical production which, in turn, is associated with accelerated ageing,’ says Tamir. Support your skin by consuming plenty of fats (coconut oil is great because it feeds the skin without piling on the pounds, thanks to it being metabolised differently to other fats), and take an antioxidant supplement with vitamins C and E to protect skin against free radicals.

The new Seven Seas Perfect7 (£9.99 for 30 capsules, boots.com) is specially formulated for women aged 30 to 50, targeting skin, nails, hair, energy, cognitive function, vision, heart and hormones, and contains omega-3 marine oils, which have an anti-inflammatory role. You forget about your face It’s not just legs, bums and tums that need toning. While you sweat it out at the gym, spare a thought for the 50 or so muscles in your face which also weaken with age. Coupled with diminishing fat cells, don’t be surprised to find your facial features are looking less than full in a decade’s time. There are more than 650 muscles in the human body with roughly 50 concentrated in your face,’ explains Inge Theron, founder of FaceGym (facegym.com). It takes


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