Weight loss after 40

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As I hop out of the van with my suitcase, I’m told,We’re going on a hike!’The van hasn’t even been turned off and we’re about to exercise. What did I sign up for? training strength class and then an hour of yoga that’s a combo of both strength and restorative. In between classes, I’m given a snack: an organic apple. I’ve

Continue to keep all alcoholic and caffeinated beverages out of your diet.

Breakfast: low-fat granola with almond milk and berries; yogurt bowl with fresh fruit; or kefir” liquid yogurt poured over fruit

Drink 1 gallon of filtered water throughout the day, 12 ounces before each been off the sweet stuff for 48 hours and it tastes like pure sugar.

Dinner, tea and I’m in bed by 7:45PM. 8PM. Passed out.

Take a stretch class at your local gym.

Walk (not run) at least 2 hours or 12,000 steps. Every 30 minutes, stop and jump rope for 2 minutes or do jumping jacks.

Lunch: dark, leafy green salad with beans and low-fat dressing

Snack: fresh fruit and 6 almonds

Take a yoga class of your choice.

Dinner: a low-fat vegetarian meal

Go to bed early. Take 10 breaths in the dark, meditating before falling asleep.

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