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Yoga is more restorative (though I still have jelly legs) and we have 90 minutes to unpack, shower and head to dinner. The food here is all plant-based. I was a vegan teenager and explain it was the fattest time in my life because I basically lived on pasta, mashed potatoes and bread. Here, chef Nina Curtis reinterprets classic favorites by using super-fresh ingredients that feed your eyes (big

Eliminate all coffee, tea and caffeinated beverages for the week.

No alcohol.

No sweets or added sugars for the week.

Breakfast: fresh fruit smoothie (made with almond milk) poured into a bowl and topped with bananas, berries or whatever fruit is in season; sprinkle low-fat granola on top. portions) and satisfy your mouth with crunch, texture and flavor. Dinner tonight is lasagna: zucchini strips act as pasta, and a very dense filling of tomato, spinach and kale takes the place of a cheesy filling. It’s delicious. No dessert cart rolls by (actually, there’s never dessert), but there is lots of herbal tea to drink. While the physical activity is grueling, the food is anything but gruel. 9PM. I’m passed out.

Drink 1 gallon of filtered water throughout the day, 12 ounces before each meal.

Walk (not run) at least 90 minutes or 10,000 steps. Every 30 minutes, stop and jump rope for 2 minutes or do jumping jacks.

Lunch: dark, leafy green salad (kale, aru-gula, endive, dandelion, mustard greens) with a low-fat dressing; add raw sunflower, pumpkin and other seeds

Snack: fresh fruit and 6 almonds

Take a yoga class of your choice.

Dinner: a low-fat vegetar ian meal using whole grains (quinoa), squash, mushrooms and lots of herbs

Go to bed 1 hour earlier than usual.

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