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I’m not saying you can’t be fashionable but over 40 chic is the way, not gimmick!

Centre partings are generally not nattering even on a teenager so avoid them at all costs. Casual partings are much more flattering as a woman ages.

Gentle backcombing can add a little oomph to fine thin hair but hair that is obviously backcombed is a definite no no! You don’t want to end up looking like the barmaid in your favourite TV soap or like you’re still living in the sixties.

I’m constantly asked whether I agree that women over forty should chop off their long hair to give a more youthful appearance. I believe a woman should feel confident, sexy and attractive and if that means having long hair then the answer is no!

But it does have to be in great condition, have fabulous colour and be cut into a flattering shape. No one who has past their teens can get away with hair hanging from a centre parting like a pair of curtains.

Avoid haircuts that are too severe and short. A crop can look great on a mature woman but wear it soft and ask your stylist to cut it in such a way that the edges look a little outgrown.There’s nothing worse for adding on the years than hard, neat lines around the face.

My pet hate is hair that looks like it can 7 move, fixed in place within an inch of its life.

If you want hoick look for hairsprays that offer flexible holcl. Hair should be free and soft and hcire movement, not look like a helmet or lampshade.

If you are using colour all over your hair, opt for multidimensional tints that are light reflective. The least flattering of hair tints are matt and solid.


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