What to Wear to a UV Paint Party

Deciding what to wear is one challenge every self-respecting party goer has to overcome before every night out, but when attending a UV paint party, making those essential decisions can be even more difficult. As a UV face and body paint supplier, Paint Glow certainly know a thing or two about throwing a great paint party, and we’re here to help you choose the perfect UV enhancing wardrobe wherever the party takes you.

All in white

White clothing is the go-to wardrobe choice for many UV paint party goers. Dark clothing simply doesn’t do UV face and body paint products justice but by going all in white or at least monochrome, you can glow as hard as you party!

White boiler suits are great investments and will save your usual party wear from ruin. Whilst the majority of UV face and body paints wash out of clothes, wearing your favourite top or shoes just shouldn’t be risked. If you are taking your own paint along (which is always recommended for extra messiness), complete a patch test first to ensure your outfit can be returned to its stain-free glory.

Avoid certain fabrics

Whilst completing a patch test prior to your party will go some way to affirming your outfit choice there are some fabrics that should avoided. Suede for instance is a no-no so leave any clothing items that use this material at home.

Wear flats

UV paint parties can be particularly hazardous on the health and safety front, and whilst the venue will take precautions to make sure the room is as hazard-free as possible, wearing high heeled shoes should be avoided. As well as being a safety must, flat shoes will keep you partying all night, perhaps even into the next day.

Go neon

Neon accessories are also the perfect complement to white clothing and UV paint products. There are tons of rave inspired accessories available from sunglasses to bracelets.

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