Ways to lose weight without exercise

Foods to Eat Liberally
Foods containing nutrients that enhance the body’s defenses against disease should be your mainstay. These resistance nutrients, which include protein, vitamins, minerals, and essential fats, are found in a variety of wholesome foods.

The most nutritious protein foods, those containing all the essential amino acids in proper balance, are obtained largely from animal sources: meat, fish, fowl, eggs, cheese, and milk. Since these foods can effectively replace daily body protein losses, they are said to have a high “biologic value.” Whole egg protein has a biologic value of 100 percent, meaning it replaces, gram for gram, daily protein losses. The relative value of other proteins are: animal protein (meat, fish, fowl), 70 100 percent; milk protein (milk, cheese), 70 75 percent; vegetable protein (fruit, vegetables, grains) 40 65 percent.

Many of the foods we are recommending you eat “liberally” eggs, dairy products, fish, and meat may be the very items you have been avoiding, for fear their cholesterol content will raise your blood cholesterol levels. Eggs, for example, have been foolishly villified as a killer food, thanks to the simplistic and incorrect notion that the cholesterol in your blood comes direcdy from the cholesterol you eat. Most of it does not.

Eighty percent of the cholesterol in your blood is manufactured within the body by the liver and other organs. It is synthesized from acetate radicals found in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Only 20 percent of the cholesterol in your blood comes directly from preformed dietary cholesterol. The amount of cholesterol in the diet is not a significant factor in the development of atherosclerosis for the vast majority of people, since
the human liver ordinarily synthesizes far more cholesterol than is obtained from foods.

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