Ways to lose weight in a week

At first you will be discouraged. You 11 find yourself rejecting an enormous number of items you previously popped automatically into the market basket. But if you persist, your disposition and finances will both improve. Whatever television commercials tell you, junk and convenience foods are the most expensive. Try not to be influenced by advertising. Those foods with the least nutritional value are often the subjects of Madison Avenue’s cleverest, most expensive campaigns. When was the last time you saw a TV ad for fresh fruits or vegetables?

Your best Cook’s Tour through a landmined food market is our Optimal Diet. Based on the findings explained in Chapter 11, it clearly distinguishes good foods from bad and emphasizes the need for essential nutrients. The Optimal Diet is, in one sense, not a “diet ’ There are no menus for you to follow, no calories or carbohydrates to count; you need not measure or weigh portions of food. All foods are categorized into three easy to remember groups: Foods to Eat Liberally, Foods to Eat Sparingly, and Foods to Avoid. You can develop rational eating habits for the rest of your life by choosing foods according to the Optimal Diet guidelines.

How liberally? How sparingly? Portions should be adjusted to suit appetite and individual goals. Both the underweight and the overweight, as well as those with special nutritional needs, find that the Optimal Diet
gradually readjusts their metabolic balance, thereby eliminating food related problems.

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