Ways to lose weight in 2 weeks

Only those who score a perfect 16 points have the nutritional sophistication to saunter down the supermarket aisles and emerge unscathed.

Dr. Jacobson booby trapped the quiz with a couple of sneaky questions. For example, carrots do not contain vitamin A until they mature, and what vitamin A they do contain is locked into a strong cellulose structure. That makes carrots one of the few vegetables providing more nutrition cooked than raw.

A perfect score, however, is no guarantee that you will not fall victim to some of the newer advertising gimmicks. Food manufacturers, well aware of growing public interest in nutrition, are pushing worthless fad foods as “fortified.” In reality, they offer no better nutrition than a starchy, low quahty vitamin pill.

It takes a special kind of expertise to know there is more nourishment in Alpo Dog Food than in a drive in’s hamburger. According to Dr. Jacobson, Alpo also rates higher than pork chops, shrimp, boiled or sliced ham, higher, even, than sirloin steak. Until nutritional labeling on foods meant for humans provide information as accurate as that found on most products packaged for pets, a conscientious shopper is distinctly at a disadvantage.

Supermarket shelves are packed full of incredible edibles, more toys than real foods. Quick, ee zee or redi, they have a nutritional content as atrocious as their spelling.

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