Ways to lose weight for men

How do most Americans eat? By all reports, badly and inconsistently. Meal skipping is on the rise, with 8 to 14 percent of most age groups bypassing lunch (in the late teens and early twenties, 20 percent). Every fourth person slaps breakfast, the most important meal of the day. The coffee and a doughnut replacement is on the rise for all ages, at all income levels.
Are you getting the fifty or more essential nutrients required for emotional health?
Are your eating habits promoting mental stability by increasing your body’s resistance to stress?
To find out, answer yes or no to the following questions:
1. Are you on a special diet (to lose weight, low salt, diabetic, low cholesterol, or because of food allergy?) yes no
2. Is your appetite frequently poor? yes no
3. Do you usually skip one or more meals a day? yes no
4. Do you frequently consume sweet foods or drinks between meals? yes no
5. Do you often feel shaky or weak if you do not eat on time? yes no
6. Do you usually drink some form of alco holic beverage (whiskey, beer, wine) daily? yes no
7. Do you usually drink coffee or tea more than three times each day? yes no
8. Do you usually use sugar in your coffee or tea? yes no
9. Do you usually eat desserts once or more each day? yes no
10. Do you frequently use low calorie (dietetic, artificially sweetened) foods and drink or artificial sweeteners (like saccharin) ? yes no
11. Do you consume soft drinks of the regular kind almost dally? yes no
12. Do you eat starch foods frequently (macaroni, bread, biscuits, breakfast cereals, cornbread)? yes no
13. Do you frequently eat sweets (sugar,syrup, jams, jellies, candy)? yes no
14. Do you frequently eat bakery products (cakes, pies, cookies, doughnuts, pancakes)? yes no
15. Do you frequently eat ice cream, ice milk, or canned or frozen fruits? yes no
16. Do you usually add salt to your foods at the table? yes no
17. Do you usually eat meat (such as beef, chicken, pork) less than twice a day? yes no
18. Do you often omit eggs? yes no
19. Do you omit seafoods from your diet? yes no
2(X Do you usually avoid milk, cheese, butter? yes no
21. Do you avoid raw vegetables (lettuce, to matoes, carrots, etc.)? yes no
22. Do you eat green or yellow vegetables less than twice daily? yes no
23. Do you usually avoid citrus fruits or juices? yes no
24. Do you usually avoid other types of fresh raw fruits or juices? yes no
25. Do you usually omit vitamin or mineral supplements daily? yes no

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