Ways to lose weight at home

There is a general misunderstanding of the cholesterol problem because high serum cholesterol is the result of internal metabolism. Some of the cholesterol problem comes from an unsuspected source refined carbohydrates which furnish large amounts of acetate radicals. Some of the cholesterol problem is related to a lack of nutrients.

Lecithin, vitamin C, nicotinic acid, and grain and vegetable fiber are all cholesterol lowering agents and help the body to regulate cholesterol levels. Eggs are particularly rich in lecithin, the very substance medical researchers have shown to be cholesterol controlling.

Eliminating foods containing cholesterol from your diet can actually escalate a cholesterol problem since there is ample evidence that when a diet is deficient in pre formed cholesterol, a complicated feedback system goes into operation which encourages the body to manufacture excess amounts of this substance.
If your doctor has placed you on a low cholesterol diet, discuss these matters with him before adopting the Optimal Diet.

Eggs. Eat at least one egg each day; eat two if you enjoy them. The eggs will furnish more nutrients per calorie than any other single food except milk.

Scavenging the supermarket for egg substitute products is apt to prove a fruitless exercise. There is a four to one probability that you cannot eliminate your cholesterol problem by putting all your eggs in a nonegg basket.

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