Wavy ‘Rebel’ Bob – Haircut & Colour

Wavy ‘Rebel’ Bob – Haircut & Colour Hair Diet

March 7, 1977
Hail and kudos for the “Pritikin diet.” As long as I can remember, going back to my teen years, I’ve been adjudged to be hypertensive and medicated and medicated with limited results. I even jogged for eight years rather regularly and still no results, in fact, a worsening of the situation, despite some initial results of feeling great. Then my cousin sent me a copy of the New York magazine article about the diet and I decided to try it along with the exercises walking and bicycling. The results are dynamite from readings as high as 160/110 I have come full cycle to a low of 112/72 with no medication. I’ve lost about ten pounds and I look and feel great, all in a few short weeks. My sons, nineteen and sixteen, who have monitored my BP these many years, are also so impressed with my results that they have switched to the diet.
I’m wondering when the medical profession will awaken and begin curing countless numbers of people
Getting Down to Cases
who are not so hopelessly ill as the medical profession makes them out to be. Keep up your excellent work.
Eugene Kopacz
New Providence, New Jersey
October 3, 1977

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