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To Cut to Grow? Is That the Question?

Do you want to know whether it’s truth or myth that cutting your hair regularly makes it grow faster? The truth is it’s one more beauty myth. Some hair researchers say that there may be a sudden spurt in growth immediately after a cutting sort of a making up for lost hair-time, so to speak but, in the long run, it all averages out to about six inches growth per year, no matter who you are.

This is assuming, of course, that your hair is healthy. If it isn’t, it may grow barely at all. Remember my experience with the low-carbohydrate diet, when my hair was sheared to the scalp and then refused to cover it up by growing as it should? Until, of course, I added wonderful wheat germ and unknowingly, at that time, added the B vitamins and the vitamin E that were destined to get my hair growing within a matter of weeks.

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