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I have had several disastrous bouts in my life with unnecessary thyroid medication. In most cases, it was a case of my searching for any easy way out of fat and blaming my glands instead of my gluttony. In all cases save one, which I blame on the doctor I wheedled my way into thyroid medication with hideously nonbeautiful results.

You have seen what happened when my skin blossomed with ugly, festering pimples until Laszlo gave me the last word: “Stay away from thyroid medication!”

But I have not yet mentioned that years ago, back in Alabama, I played around once again with my metabolism and got just what I deserved. For, once again, I blamed my thyroid for my fat, instead of blaming myself; and I persuaded my doctor to at least try the little pills.

Thank goodness I have learned, after a lifetime of nonsense, that you simply can’t mess with a good gland, especially when it’s doing all you should ask of it and it’s you who aren’t doing your part. My part, in my case.

The result I got this time was not acne but dull, dry, and listless hair. Now don’t ask me why the thyroid medication would make me come up once oily, and the next time dry.

My Protein Bound Iodine index was right where it had always been. So my only guess is that the kind, or brand, of thyroid medication was different plus the fact that the hair bit happened twenty years ago and a body can change a lot in that time.

I, of course, was too uneducated at that time to even connect my suddenly dried-out hair (it never had been) with the thyroid pills. It took that same aware Mexican hairdresser to guess that I’d been doing something wrong. And, of course, he was right again. Don’t, please, play around with thyroid pills. They’re not candy drops.

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