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O.K. I’m assuming you’ve got the healthy-hair matter well under control by now. At least, if you’ve been reading this carefully, you should have. But there are some things to know about cutting besides the fact that regular trims won’t repeat, won’t give you more than six inches of hair per year, no matter how well they’re done.

Dr. Norman Orentreich, a New York dermatologist whose specialty is hair as well as skin (he pioneered hair transplants something you should never need if you are as careful as I hope you’ll be), scoffs at the cut-and-grow theory, but does compare hair with an old sweater that has been washed and washed and w’ashed until it’s frazzled.

That’s about what becomes of the ends of your hair which, after all, are the oldest part if you don’t cut them off regularly. According to Dr. Orentreich, it’s not so much a question of hair health as of hair beauty. Frazzled ends? Forget them!

Split ends are something else again, and they have to go and not just for beauty’s sake. For, when the end of a hair starts to split meaning that if you look closely, you’ll see a little inverted “V” shape at the end of each hair then, chances are, that split will soon travel straight up the shaft of your hair, thereby destroying it. That we do not want, and so I will recommend that you get rid of any and all split ends by virtue of a proper haircut just as soon as you spot one. Even one.

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