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This dynamic duo are starting to get some much-deserved national airplay with the raucous Push For The Stride

Regular listeners to BBC Radio 2 will be quite familiar with these two twin sisters from Hampshire. Their song TheGoodAndTheRighthas been receiving major airplay recently and looks set to catapult them to international success – and with good reason! This is a great album: Fun, fast-paced and combining just the right amount of traditional and modern sounds. Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas recorded the album in Nashville, and it has the authentic Music City sound that you’d expect from much more established American names. Fora debut offering, FROM WHERE WE STAND is incredible – there’s no two ways about it.

From the bluesy first few seconds of opener Push For The Stride you know that you’re going to be in for a treat. The chorus is one ofthe catchiest I’ve heard, and will stick in your head for days afterwards. It’s oh-so-close to being just another one of those generic country pop/ rock songs that are flooding the market at the moment, Push For The Stride has a certain edge to it that sets it apart from pretty much everything else out there.

It’s worth remembering that Catherine and Lizzy are just 19 years old, but their vocals and delivery prove the old cliche that age is just a number. Track three, Footnotes (Happy Ending), was the track that first got the pair noticed by producers in Nashville. It displays some beautiful harmonies and the slide guitars give it a sound that makes you forget that Ward Thomas are from the South Coast of England. Title track From Where I Stand \s a surprisingly heartfelt and mellow track that provides some respite from the energetic nature ofthe rest ofthe album. For me, it is one ofthe best songs on the album, although picking a favourite is exceptionally hard!

FROM WHERE WE STAND is going to be one ofthe stand-out releases of this year, and is probably one ofthe most impressive debuts I’ve ever heard, from any genre of music. High praise indeed! Chris Beck


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