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Co Enzyme Qıo

Technically known as ubiquinone, coenzyme Qıo (abbreviated as CoQıo) is found naturally within cells, where it is involved in the conversion of food to energy. Supplementally, it is a nutrient that appears to have many health giving properties. For example, it helps improve cardiac function, strengthens the immune system, and may enhance the quality of overall health.

As for hair health, coenzyme Qıo helps promote blood circula tion, including circulation to the scalp. People who supplement with it feel that it makes their hair thicker and more vibrant.

There are no studies that prove this beneftt, however. Nonethe less, CoQm is a good all around supplement that supports health. For best results, supplement with 20 to 30 milligrams daily.

Desiccated Liver
One of the best dıetary moves you can make to nourish your body with hair healthy nutrients is to eat liver once or twice a vveek. But who can choke it down? Among most people, liver is not high on the list of favorite foods. Plus, its overloaded vvith cholesterol and saturated fat.

An altematrve to eating liver is to take desiccated liver supple ments» available in tablets or povvder. Desiccated liver is a concen tyated source of liver that has been processed to remove ali the fat and cholesterol. With four times the nutritional value in the same amount of cooked whole liver, this supplemental food is rich in protein; vitamins A, B, and C; and the minerals calcium, phospho rus, and heme iron. Heme ir on is a type of iron derived from animal proteins that is weîl absorbed by the body.

In fact, the absorption rate of heme iron is as high as 35 percent, compared to 5 percent for non heme iron (obtained from plant sources). Depending on the supplement, desiccated liver contains about 2 milli grams of iron (the recommended daily intake is 15 milligrams), so you don’t have to worry about ingesting too much iron.

Foilow the supplement manufacturer’s dosage recommenda tıon. You can enrich soups, stews, and other foods by adding des iccated liver povvder to the recipe.

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