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This is one spot where hair makes a rapid departure from skin same protein-makeup or not. Very short haircuts for men For here is where I want to warn you about the danger of heat on hair. I recently read an article in Vogue magazine on “Hair Fallout” and the phenomenal rate at which it is happening to women. And one of the very things Vogue blames are the heated hair-beauty aids. Or supposed beauty aids.

I learned long ago, from an enlightened hairdresser who had burned off his own, that even blow-dryers are very likely to dry the hair right to a crispy, crinkled turn if they are held too close to the hair itself.

If you use one of these nozzle-like dryers, as I do, and if you have ever had an opportunity to watch an experienced hand holding one, as I have, then you will notice that the experienced hairdresser will work the dryer quickly back and forth across the lock of hair he is holding out from the head with his plastic-bristled brush.

The plastic bristles let the hot air through, the back-and-forth motion eliminates the possibility of frying your hair. Very short haircuts for men You will also notice that he never holds the blow-dryer directly on the hair, but rather at an angle, ever-moving. You will learn to do it this way, too, if you want to have any hair to dry.
Heat lots of it is injurious as all get-out to hair. Very short haircuts for men I am reasonably sure there isn’t a woman out there who hasn’t managed to curl her eyelashes by peering inside a too-hot oven. True? I know I’ve done it many times though I’m learning. This, then, is the kind of frazzle you’ll get from too much heat.

Heated curlers which I was astonished to realize have been around for ten years now are one of the worst hair-hurters. Mv former hairdresser used them on me until even he decided they were harmful. Your hair simply won’t take too much heat, even from the dryer in a beauty salon.

That is why I am so hopeful that one day soon, the great cut will completely eliminate the good “set,” and thereby eliminate that heavy heat that setting requires the kind that does so much (especially when used in combination with metal pins) to destroy the health-and-shine of your own natural hair.

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