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Label Caution

Beware of the word “protein” on the label, because of late it’s being bandied about all over the place, from every ten-cent store to every health food shop cosmetics counter. And, frankly, I am suspicious. I have learned to be a cynic during my cosmetics life and I don’t trust advertising and the fact that advertisers will say almost anything for salability’s sake.

For example, the other day I picked up a mascara wand of the sort I’ve been using for twenty years. And suddenly the label says, “with protein.” I have no doubt that there’s protein in there all right, but where is it getting to me?

I am sure that all the protein shampoos that are making great use of that salable word probably contain protein. But it may be simply one more egg-on-your-face routine. In other words, has that protein been properly hydrolyzed so that it doesn’t just lie there doing nothing, but gets inside your hair shaft where it can help? My suspicious nature tells me that the extremely inexpensive “protein” products probably have just had any old protein plopped in so they can use the word on that label.

Hydrolyzing is an expensive procedure, and, while I have no proof, of course, that all these cheap imitations are not hydrolyzed protein, I am allowed to doubt. If I were you, I would stick to reputable companies; I would question my beauty-supply house (yes, they are helpful whether you’re a beautician or not), and I would ask for any and all literature on that particular product.

As for my protein mascara I returned it for my old non-protein kind.
And you can be sure it’s not because I don’t believe in protein-on power. In that case, I simply don’t believe it’s there to work. Just to sell.

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