Very short haircuts for african american women

ARE SOCIAL NETWORKS THE DEATH OF RELATIONSHIPS Social networks have changed how we socialise. While you devote all your time to Facebook, your relationships could be taking a knock. By Zukiswa Dlamini Social media is possibly the socialise. Even though it’s a virtual biggest thing to hit the world in world, it’s very much rooted in our the past decade. It’s changed realities. Initially, it seemed great to how we communicate and be able to keep up with what your relationship is too. It almost feels like there is a demand and I must give the people what they want, Yours Hair is she laughs. Ntokozo Radebe, a relationship counsellor, says that this type of thinking can be problematic. Yours Hair is Believing that your relationship is some form of public entertainment is troublesome. Relationships are tricky enough without adding the pressure of the general public to them; just ask celebrities. So for people to feel the need to make the public a third member of their relationship can be bad news, Yours Hair is she says. Another trap with using social media to validate relationships is that it often leads to the pressure to overcompensate. Yours Hair is If you’ve created an expectation of being out there with your relationship, you are put under pressure to always be happy. This can lead to feeling the need to lie about still being part of #loveliveshere even when that is no longer true, Yours Hair is warns Ntokozo.

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