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Just a decade ago, e-cigarettes were virtually unheard of. They did exist, but they didn’t really start to hit the mainstream until after 2010, and really picked up steam over the last few years. This has led to a lot of confusion about the rules regarding vaping, from whether you can use them indoors through to what the rules are regarding travelling with your e-cig. If you’re worried about what will happen if you try to take your e-cig on the plane, it’s a completely understandable concern. Are you allowed to travel with your e-cig? Should you check it in with your main case, or have it in carry-on? Will it get through customs in the country you’re going to? Can you vape on the plane? Here are 10 tips to ensure you travel safely and without issues. 1 Don’t Vape on the Plane The simplest issue is whether or not you can vape while you’re flying, and the answer is a pretty unanimous no. Although it isn’t legally banned in many cases, most airlines have a strict no vaping policy.

Even though there are some exceptions for example, RyanAir sells e-cigs on its flights and allows these to be used on flights the simplest and best advice is not to vape on the plane. 2 Check Your Airline and Airports’ Rules Before Travelling Although the advice in this post applies generally to most airlines and most countries, it’s always worth checking the rules at the airports’ you’ll be using and for the airline you’ll be flying with. For example, most airports treat vaping just like smoking so you’ll need to go to the smoking area to vape but Heathrow Airport in London has an actual vaping area. For airlines, there may be some specific requirements for travelling with your e-cig, so it’s worth checking their policies online or by calling them before you travel. 3 Keep Your E-Cigarette in Your Carry-On Baggage Rules implemented by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in 2015 ban vaping devices in checked luggage on flights all around the world.

This decision was made because of the risk of fires from batteries exploding, whether through battery failure or an e-cig accidentally being activated while in passengers’ luggage. The upshot is you should take your e-cig in your carry-on luggage when you’re travelling. 4 Keep Your E-Liquid in Small Containers As with all other liquids on planes, e-liquid can’t be taken onboard unless it’s in containers of less than 100 ml each. You have to place them in clear plastic bags in the same way you do with any other liquids you bring on board. Most e-cigarette companies sell their e-liquids in a maximum of 30 ml bottles, though, so this shouldn’t be an issue in most cases. If you have a tank with e-liquid still inside, this should be bagged up like any other container with liquid inside. 5 Don’t Charge Your E-Cig on the Plane The ICAO’s ban of vaping devices in your checked luggage also stipulated that e-cigarettes should not be charged in-flight for the same reason.

One of the most common times problems occur with e-cig devices is during charging, so this does make sense. These accidents are still rare, but the worst time to have something go wrong is when you’re at 40,000 feet. 6 Disconnect Your Tank and Turn Off Your Battery Although any tank with e-liquid in it will have to be removed and placed in a plastic bag anyway, it’s good practice for safety to remove your tank (or other atomizer) and turn off your battery when you’re travelling. This makes it impossible to accidentally activate your e-cig, thus drastically reducing the risk of any issues. 7 Check the Laws Where You’re Travelling E-cigarette laws around the world vary, so it’s important to check what the rules are wherever you’re going before you travel.

There are only a handful of countries where e-cigs are banned, but it’s still worth looking at the rules wherever you’re going before you travel. The best list of e-cig laws in different countries is found on E-Cigarette Direct’s website, and this gives you all of the information you need, with regular updates. 8 Transit Through a Country is Usually Easier The laws on e-cigarettes in different countries usually aren’t strictly enforced if you’re just transiting through the airport. So, for example, if you’re travelling to Singapore where vaping is banned you’ll probably have issues if you’re staying there, but not if you’re just changing flights there.

This is one thing to check with your airline before you leave. The United Arab Emirates is an exception to this, though, and many people have had e-cigs confiscated when travelling through the country. 9 Be Prepared to Explain to Customs Even if you’re going somewhere where vaping is legal, it isn’t as widely known in every country. This means that while you might not have problems, it makes sense to have an explanation planned for customs officials who may not be familiar with vaping. Usually, saying electronic cigarette in the appropriate language will be enough, but you should make sure your battery is charged so you can show them what the device is if required. 10 Be Prepared to Explain to Ordinary People Finally, when you’ve successfully travelled to another country with your e-cig, you might attract some curiosity from locals, particularly if vaping isn’t common in the country you’re in. If somebody approaches you, be prepared to explain what e-cigarettes are and even show the locals how they work. You could even make a friend in the process.

Conclusion Travelling With E-Cigs is Easy If You Know the Rules Overall, you’re unlikely to run into any serious issues when you’re travelling with your e-cig, but it’s important to know the rules and be prepared. It might take a bit of preparation and some research, but even in the worst cases travelling to a country where the sale of e-cigs is banned, for instance bringing some e-liquid and an e-cig with you for personal use is unlikely to cause an issue. But you should always be cautious, plan ahead and take steps to ensure that you stay safe.

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