VANESSA WILLIAMS HAIRSTYLES on 1, then the random-interval schedule value would be 10 seconds (i.e., RI 10 seconds). randomization n. see random assignment. randomization test an inferential approach that combines observed data across all participants and experimental conditions and then randomly sorts the data into new samples (groups). A test of statistical significance is performed, and the value obtained is compared with the value that was obtained when the data were in their original form. VANESSA WILLIAMS HAIRSTYLES 2016.

Once upon a time, before we were thrown out of Eden (meaning the palaces of excess South of Market in San Francisco), some guys who were fans of the Caldron, the Big House for piss play, noticed a problem. Since one of the men in question happened to be a then-famous infectious disease specialist, he went to work on the question and came, very slowly and cautiously, to this conclusion: When piss is recycled too many times (more than two or three undiluted cycles through a body) some things in it become dangerously concentrated. Certain salts, he discovered, once compounded in the body and excreted in the piss, if consumed, dash through the system ready to be excreted again very rapidly. They are not digested or processed. The result being that the salts you are making are joined by the salts you are drinking, possibly doubling the levels of those salts in your piss. Then, whether the concentration is always a doubling or whatever, the process continues. He tested for the salts.

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