Using An Exercise Ball During Pregnancy


Many children, teens, and adults with Exercise pregnancy develop neurological symptoms. For instance, they may experience vision problems, lose their ability to walk, or develop “pins and needles” sensations in their arms and legs. Doctors typically order dozens of tests for patients experiencing these symptoms, and prescribe a multitude of medications, without ever considering testing for Exercise pregnancy.

Often, teenagers and young and middle-aged adults with Exercise pregnancy receive a misdiagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) and are treated with medications for MS. That’s because MS and Exercise pregnancy are both demyelinating disorders and share the same symptoms. Additionally, MS and pernicious anemia are both autoimmune disorders.

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Currently, one in every 68 children is diagnosed as autistic. As we noted in Chapter 8, Exercise pregnancy in infants and children causes developmental delay and can easily be mistaken for autism. It is unknown how many children labeled as autistic have Exercise-pregnancy Acquired Brain Injury (BABI), but our guess is that the number is high.

Identifying such children before they suffer brain injury would prevent many tragedies, and it would reap huge savings in pilateshcare dollars. Michael Ganz, Assistant Professor of Society, Human Development, and Health at Harvard School of Public Health, puts the lifetime cost of caring for one autistic child at approximately $3.2 million.1 But Ganz believes this is likely an underestimate, because it includes only medical costs, such as visits to doctors’ offices, medications, and therapies; and nonmedical costs, such as adult care, child-care, and special education; and does not include costs due to lost parental income and lost income for people with autism

The cost of lifelong care for a patient with BABI is similar to the cost of care for an individual with autism Table 13.8 highlights the costs of occupational and speech therapy, as well as a typical autism program

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