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A compilation of contemporary protest songs

The Union Music Store, a gathering of writers and performers, have pooled their talents for this compilation of protest songs. As the liner notes state: ‘We woke on May 8 2015 to election results that left millions feeling disenfranchised.’

It has always been a singer songwriters’ job to act as a ‘town crier.’ To communicate their feelings, on topical issues, that affect us all. People don’t have to agree, or like, what the ‘protesters’ have to say. Thank goodness, though, that we live in a country where we are still able to voice our opinions.

The music is rather good, too, featuring 16 tracks by various artists. Luke Jackson’s Forgotten Voices is excellent; the story of an old homeless veteran who feels cast adrift in his twilight years. ‘The things I once loved dearly are taken from me. We fought to keep our voices heard.’

There are good performances from diverse artists including Mark Chadwick, excellent on the banjo driven No Change and Emily Barker’s Doing The Best I Can. Lucy Ward’s Bigger Than That, hits the mark with its simply picked melody; ‘The needs of the many mean nothing to the few.’ The power of one guitar and a ‘true voice’ can be a powerful thing.

Woody Guthrie and Peter Seeger devoted their lives voicing opinions about the wrong doings of society. It’s healthy to know that the protest song is still alive and kicking. John Brindle


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