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Diet vs. Doctors

Here’s where I hope my way the diet way will win. For, unbelievably, many doctors still inevitably refuse to admit that proper diet has anything to do with the health of the hair or any other beauty part of you. One famous New York dermatologist, who has said that I may quote him, came flat out with the statement that, “Diet has nothing whatsoever to do with hair.” I choose not to name him, for I see no reason to destroy an otherwise good reputation especially since this is the general reaction of the medical profession when the question of diet’s effect on beauty is put to them. Undercut hairstyle men 2015.

To me, this sort of statement is blithely irresponsible and just the sort that makes the medical profession look less than beautiful when it comes to prescribing for less-than-serious ills. On the other hand, what is less serious today may be quite serious tomorrow. Undercut hairstyle men 2015 For a woman who loses her hair could have some pretty damaging psychological scars perhaps even some suicidally damaging scars.

Only then would the medical profession consider the desire to look one’s best and preserve one’s natural good looks as serious business. Therefore I am not going to name the doctor that made that statement, but you can bet he isn’t going to be my doctor, either. Undercut hairstyle men 2015 For again, when it comes to hair, lead me to a trained trichologist or a hairdresser who is up on his product-research and is going to know what’s really happening and that’s quite a lot, as you’ve seen in the world of hair care.

As for saying diet doesn’t matter when it comes to hair just try telling that one to an animal breeder. Undercut hairstyle men 2015 You can be sure the high-gloss coats in champion animals aren’t there by accident. Surely you deserve the same sort of diet-for-beauty care.

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