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While we’re on the subject of unsaturated fats, let me just remind you that they’re the vegetable oil fats, the ones that needn’t worry your cholesterol, the kind that remain liquid at room temperature for easy recognition on your part.

There is only one vegetable oil, however, that is saturated and that is coconut oil. I bring it up because recently I discovered something curious on my weekly Saturday supermarket trek. Trendy men hairstyles I was trying to track down safflower oil margarine because I find that it is the kind that gets any unnecessary fat off of me the fastest. (That’s me.

I don’t know about you, but safflower is still the least saturated of the oils.) And safflower oil margarine is practically impossible to find, thanks, I suppose, to the public’s disenchantment with the whole idea when Dr.

Herman Taller and his safflower remedy fell from grace. Too bad, for he was right, as many other doctors have shown. Calories don’t always count. Trendy men hairstyles And so I have to search far and wide in obscure and very out-of-my-busy-way health food shops for that sort of margarine.

What do you think I found in my supermarket then? A margarine made of coconut oil. So if you automatically think that eating margarine means eating unsaturated fat, think again, and learn to read those labels carefully, even if it means reading the very fine print. You can bet they print it as fine as possible.

Always remember that no matter how well you follow all the rest of the hair regimen, without fats you will never have shiny, beautiful hair. Trendy men hairstyles Fat is definitely the best shiner-upper for hair.

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