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Maintaining the hair’s STRENGTH LUSTRE

and VITALITY is the secret to youthful looks and one that most of the world’s leading beauties practise. Be warned: like skin, hair starts its slippery journey into old age surprisingly early. It’s perfectly normal and natural for your hair to change over the years, losing some of its vitality.

We all see it happening with our complexions as lines and wrinkles appear the changes are much more noticeable. In hair it is less obvious. But undoubtedly there will be loss of shine, with hair becoming less manageable, harder to hold a style and generally lacking energy. These are all the symptoms of the ageing process. Drugs, pollution, oral contraceptives, medication, stress and poor diets all add to the ageing process.

How do you know your hair is ageing? Technically your hair is not actually ageing, it’s not that the hair is getting older, it’s just that as we age the hair doesn’t grow as quickly or for as long and so it often feels and looks thinner, or it doesn’t swing or bounce like it used to. Mature clients are always asking me to ‘put some life back into my hair”

and of course there is the change in colour as those pesky grey hairs sneak through. Is there any hope, I hear you ask? Yes! A good stylist can cut, shape and style away the years.

In chapter 2 I discussed the positive effects of a diet rich in oily fish tuna, sardines, mackerel and salmon really are good for your hair. Not only do they guard against inherited problems such as heart disease, arthritis and osteoporosis but are fantastic for maintaining the hair’s vitality. You are probably thinking does it really matter what I eat? Just tell me which style I should wear to knock off the years! I’m afraid it’s not that simple.

The right hairstyle is like the right pair of jeans it’s different for So, enough about diet. The facts are there in black and white and the sooner you follow my advice, the sooner you will have youthful hair full of vitality.
So a diet rich in protein and fibre is good for your hair but without good fats hair, like skin, can look sluggish, dull and lifeless.The top choices for healthy good fats in your balanced diet include:

OLIVE OIL Always look for extra virgin cold pressed varieties as they have the highest nutritional value and help your body absorb anti oxidant vitamins A and E which will help your hair to shine.

SESAME OIL This is a brilliant source of vitamins Band Eand is yummy added to salads.

WALNUT OIL This can replace other bad fats in baking and is also rich in anti oxidants vital to hair growth and health.

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