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In addition to the exercise just described, remember to practice positive thinking – thinking about what you want.

Whenever you think of something you don’t want, immediately say “cancel-cancel” and replace it with a positive thought – a thought about something you do want.

Whenever something that you did not desire happens – you make a mistake, or someone outperforms you immediately say “cancel-cancel” and imagine it happening the way you wanted. Recall a time when you performed correctly, and imagine doing that again.

Inside the mind of a superstar

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A young swimmer named Don asked a former swimming champion to teach him the secret of becoming a world champion swimmer.

“Are you sure that you are ready to learn the secret? ” the veteran swimmer asked. The old pro knew that Don had some talent, but he was not sure if Don had the right attitude.

“Oh, I’d give anything to be a champion, ” Don answered.

With that, the former champion grabbed Don’s head abruptly and forced it under water.

At first Don resisted, but then he thought, “Maybe he wants to make sure that I am not afraid of the water. ” So Don stopped struggling.

But as his neck and back began to ache from the unrelenting pressure of the master’s hand and his lungs began to ache and burn, he became alarmed. He began to struggle again to free himself and get a breath of air. Now his eyes and his throat hurt, and his lungs felt ready to explode. He wanted to scream out to the former champion to let him up before he died, but he didn’t dare open his mouth while he was still under water.

“If this is what it takes to become a champion, ” Don thought, “maybe I’ll change my mind!”

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