Top Skin Masks


A ow t here’s a root touch-up for highlights and Imclights (and infinite base colors oehceen). Use the brush to blend the powders to create the shade(s) you need\ then dab over new growth. Its pigmented enough to turn dark roots blonde (and vice versa), and the formula stays put until you shower.


Number of patents pending on this sheet mask that infuses skin with a souped-up version ofEstee Uiuder’s famed Advanced Night Repair serum.

25 times

How much faster ingredients penetrate the skin while you’re wearing a sheet mask with a foiI exterior versus a cotton one.

The additionaI amount of super-hydra t i ng hyaluronic acid in the mask’s formula compared with the scrum version.

Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery KnverFoiI Mask, four for $80.

JOHN FRIKDA Root Blur (available in four customizable shades). $20. For information on where to buy, see Shopping Directory.Source: Style wu

Top Skin Masks

Top Skin Masks

Top Skin Masks

Top Skin Masks

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