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At noon, I meet up with the other Ranch guests and we hop into a van for the hour drive to Malibu. My. Head. Is. Pounding. I want a cup of coffee. Everyone is chipper and friendly, but all I can focus on are the number of Starbucks we keep whizzing past. I snooze.

I wake up and we’ve arrived. The best way for me to describe The Ranch is basically…it’s very Oprah. It’s Napa meets the Mediterranean, with an organic garden, plush white sofas and perfect stacks of birch firewood. Water fountains trickle.

Hummingbirds flutter. The air is softly scented. It’s so intimate and secluded that none of the doors are ever locked.

As I hop out of the van with my suitcase (and a headache that refuses to be left behind), I’m told: “Head to your room, put on some hiking clothes and bring your Camelbak. We’re going on a hike!” The van hasn’t even been turned off and we’re about to exercise. What did I sign up for?

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