Top 15 best diet tips ever

In each instance, the change in diet made the subject less prone to future emotional problems, as well as relieving the symptoms they were already reporting.
We summarized all these findings for Mrs. L., who listened closely.

“Then all I really have to do to stay sane,” she said, “is swallow a few vitamin pills and change my diet. Right?”
Wrong. No therapy can make such a promise. We do know this: the more resistance factors and the fewer susceptibility factors you get from your diet, the better prepared you will be to weather whatever emotional storms await you.

Anyone concerned about his future mental health should think about his diet. Keep a seven day diary of everything you eat and drink. Then examine the list carefully.
Lots of refined carbohydrates? Sugar? White flour foods? Desserts? Starchy sweets? Eat and run packaged foods? Sweetened drinks?

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