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Tommy Hilfiger 2015 on Well, Joshua began. You see this little thing right here? He nodded. You diddle it with your finger, they really like it, they begin to purr. No shit? Youd be surprised, he said, grinning fondly. But afterwards, he added, turning solemn again, you wash your hands with soap and hot water before you touch your face. There seems to be an awful lot of washing up involved, Daddy. You cant be too careful these days. Tommy Hilfiger 2015 2016.

Speaking of the Race to Erase, Nancy Davis is off and running -with this annual benefit for which she has raised $14 million during her nine years as chairman.

It will be held at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, California, and the hosts for the evening are Kelsey Grammer and Sela Ward. Once again, Nancy is partnering with Tommy Hilfiger and John Sykes as co-chairs.

The theme of the evening is “Peace and Love,” and Tommy will produce a star-studded fashion show. Then there’s Lauren.

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