1 Using a slightly blunter lip liner, trace outside your upper lip line, following its natural shape and ensuring that the edge of the lip liner is still touching your natural lip line. (This is very important, because if the liner does not touch your natural lip line, you could be left with a giveaway gap if your lipstick budges.) Check that you like the shape you have achieved, and then follow the same principle for the bottom lip. If you make a mistake, remove the line with cleanser on a cotton bud (Q-Tip), and then reapply concealer to the exposed area before starting again.

2 Fill in the new lip area with the pencil, using very light pressure, so that the outline still looks darker than the inside.

3 Then, take a lip gloss and paint over the whole mouth area using a lip brush.

4 Add a sliver of silver as a highlighter to the centre of the bottom lip for added fullness (bottom). Remember that light, glossy colours create the appearance of a fuller lip, so avoid anything too dark or too matt.

lip liner

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